Retired Educator 22 yrs Washoe County School District:

I taught in the WCSD trenches for 22 years. With this experience, I feel I can provide a voice of reason and common sense.
Students deserve our best support, as well as our educators, support staff, bus drivers, school nurses, secretaries, custodians, and anyone who actually interacts with students on a daily basis.
Some of my concerns are:
School safety.
Protection of students’ private data.
The effects of too much screen time on students’ health.
Responsible fiscal use of tax payers’ hard earned dollars.
I am very concerned about teachers becoming burnt out and leaving the profession.
Teachers need to be able to control their classrooms with support from administrators and parents so they can do their job and their students can learn in a positive academic environment.
Teachers want to teach. The more the District adds to a teacher’s plate, the less energy they have to do their most important job, which is to educate students. Let’s address teachers’ concerns as they know what best enables them to help their students achieve success.
Parents and students should have a choice in their education. If a student is not thriving, then an alternative setting, be it trade schools, home schooling, or private schools should be an option.
We all want what is best for our future generations. The foundation for success starts in the home first.
The schools then build upon that important foundation to ensure success for each student.